Different removal services in Málaga

Make a moving can be very stressful, but planning ahead can turn it into something simple.

The first step would be to have a general idea of the size of the move. This will help you choose the provider of transportation services that best suits your needs, definitely ending for choosing Tucan Removals.

There are different types of services that you can hire:

  • Full service movers

We will handle the entire process of packaging, loading and unloading.

  • Loading and unloading

In this case, you would be responsible for packing and arrange your belongings into your new home.

  • Rent a truck or van and perform the move on their own

Don’t forget to ask for all the information you need about insurance, experience and references from other clients who have already appealed to us.

Before signing the contract, make sure it includes everything what has called and who has read the specific instructions of the contracted services.

Take time to learn can help you avoid trouble

Moving day is important to have it all ready. Any delay on its part might cause you a surcharge in the service.

If you let us know beforehand above all improvist, our company will thank you and we will help you resolve the problem more quickly.

If you are thinking so much in removals Malaga as change its office location, you will find us your best ally.

We have the most qualified professionals and the most technologically advanced means to see to it that the process will be a mere formality: since the collection and removal of furniture in the origin to packing and Assembly of furniture at the destination.

To do this, we will use mobile platforms or external elevators and advantage if you need our service of storage in Malaga, which offer the maximum conditions of safety and hygiene.

We also manage municipal and parking permits. Please contact us at our offices and ask for a quote, free and without obligation, we will be happy to assist you.

We have 25 years of experience in carrying out removals in Malaga, both nationally and internationally.

If you want your move to develop smoothly and that it does not pose any concern for you, you should contact the professionals.

We will offer you the best value for money in the market and you can return to your daily life with total normality in a few days.

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